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The science behind the solution:

All of our topical relief products work much the same way (though their strengths and intensities vary by application):

1. Pain is transmitted to the brain by nerve cells - tiny capsules of electrical energy.

2. A nerve cell is shaped much like a tiny octopus, with long out-stretched arms called axons. The axons are what actually transmit the nerve cell impulses from one axon to another.

3. There is space between the axons, referred to as the synapse.

4. When our products are applied, this causes the axons to temporarily pull apart from one another to an extent that those tiny capsules of electrical energy cannot jump the wider space, or synapse. The result is that the pain impulses that were traveling to the brain are either stopped or significantly diminished. Thus, one's brain is far less aware, if at all aware, that the body is experiencing any degree of pain or discomfort. This affect can last for hours and hours. Some users report pain relief that lasts the entire day after just one application and others say it never comes back again.

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Test Microorganism Study Report

The test microorganism(s) selected for this test: Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15442. This bacteria is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped microorganism with a single flagellum. It grows optimally under aerobic conditions, however, it can use a host of electron receptors to respire anaerobically. P. aeruginosa can be found almost anywhere in nature and it is an opportunistic pathogen. Like many other bacterial-related diseases, the ability to form resilient biofilms within human tissues under anaerobic conditions is thought to be the primary cause for pathogenicity.

Staphylococcusaureus ATCC 33591 (MRSA)

This bacteria is a Gram-positive, cocci shaped, aerobe which is resistant to the penicillin-derivative antibiotic methicillin. MRSA can cause troublesome infections, and their rapid reproduction and resistance to antibiotics makes them more difficult to treat. MRSA bacteria are resistant to drying and can therefore survive on surfaces and fabrics for an extended period of time and therefore makes this bacteria an excellent representative for antimicrobial efficacy testing on surfaces.
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Test Article Identify Neuroquell Plus - Test Microorganism Study Report

The experimental success (controls) criteria follow: The Initial Numbers Control must demonstrate > 1x10 5 CFU/ml for each test microorganism. The negative control sterility wells must be negative for growth. The positive (growth) wells must be positive for growth. Media controls must be negative for growth. Purity streak must demonstrate pure growth of test microorganism.

The product performance criteria follow:

The test substance must demonstrate an MIC as determined by the well containing the lowest concentration of test substance that completely inhibits growth of the microorganism. The test substance dilution determined to be the MBC is the lowest concentration of Test Article that demonstrates a 99.9% reduction in CFU/ml when compared to the Initial Numbers Control. The Test Substance must demonstrate an MBC.
Relieve Sore Muscles

Clinical Trial to Test the Efficacy and Short-Term Safety of “Neuroquell”®, an Oil-Based All Natural ProductIntended to Relieve Sore Muscles, Joint Discomfort, and Minor Aches and Pain

Clearly, “Neuroquell”® is extremely effective in relieving a number of common pain and ache symptoms that improved quality of life indicators. The group that met the 0.05 criteria included discomfort associated with hands, back, legs, head and neck areas including headaches. There were no statistical or clinical differences among baseline characteristics. Each of the major outcomes demonstrated a difference compared to placebo for the difference of means using both the average and the highest level of improvement, as well as the categorical analysis (1+, 2+, or 3+), as well as the percent improvement scores. Based on this trial, it appears that “Neuroquell”® is effective in relieving minor aches and pains and improves ones’ ability to function normally. Based on this study, “Neuroquell”® appears to be safe to use as indicated.


menstrual cramping relief


Clearly, Menastil is effective in relieving a number of common symptoms associated with severe menstrual cramping. These include cramps, back and upper leg aches, and headaches. Each of these symptoms was statistically different from those on placebo. Additionally, several indicators of activities of daily living were improved using this product, including activities, sleep, and work. It appears that Menastil is effective in relieving menstrual symptoms and improves ones’ ability to function normally. Based on this study, the safety of this product appears to be validated. Although, several women reported minor skin reactions involving rashes and a “burning” sensation, these left no effects after a day or two. We term these reactions minor in nature.

Neuroquell for Migraine Relief

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Neuroquell vs NSAID's

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