Claire Ellen Products All natural pain relief for menstrual cramps, endometriosis and other muscle and joint discomfort
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Neuroquell Joint Pain Relief Muscle Pain Relief
Neuroquell Natural Lower Back Pain Relief
Make Joint & Muscle Pain a Thing of the Past
Pain can be mild or severe, an annoyance or a detriment to quality of life. Muscle pain can merely ache, leaving muscles feeling hard and tight. Joint pain comes with more intensity, focused and sharp. Taken to the extreme of arthritis, the pain can leave you off balance.

Neuroquell offers relief from joint and muscle pain with as little as one application. Nerve impulse signals must travel from nerve-to-nerve to relay the “message” of pain to the brain. The active ingredient in Neuroquell temporarily separates the nerve endings (even further) from each other. As a result, far fewer pain signals are able get through, significantly limiting the ability of those nerves to relay the pain messages to your brain.
Neuroquell Application Tips Neuroquell® Application Tips
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Neuroquell Instruction Sheet Neuroquell® Instruction Sheet
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Frequently Asked Questions About Joint & Muscle Pain
How long does the relief last?
Neuroquell users have reported muscle pain relief lasting anywhere from 4-5 hours. Joint pain sufferers have reported 3-4 hours of relief. Individual results may vary. (Note)

How long does Neuroquell take to “kick-in”?
Neuroquell users have reported muscle and joint pain relief beginning as soon as 4-5 seconds after application. At the core of joint pain is inflammation, which may take 3-4 days to decrease. Individual results may vary.

How much Neuroquell should I apply for an effective treatment?
Typically, no more than one half of the skin’s surface on the treatment area needs to be covered.

Where SHOULDN’T I apply Neuroquell?
Neuroquell is safe for all external use.
Neuroquell for Pain
No need to visit the doctor and pharmacist. Replace your pills with a roll-on solution. And we'll deliver your bottle as fast as your pain relief!
Our products contain natural, non-habit-forming ingredients that are "generally regarded as safe" by the FDA. And, they're animal by-product, alcohol and chemical free!
Trials from around the world have shown noticeable to complete relief in users, with little to no side effects. Don't take our word for it. Read the complete trials here.
We have complete confidence in our products. However, if you are not confident that we've helped ease your pain, please contact us for a refund
Claire Ellen Products All natural pain relief for menstrual cramps, endometriosis and other muscle and joint discomfort
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