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"Excellence in Pain Management and Inflammation Research"

Q - How are our pain products applied? A -Neuroquell, ProSirona and Neuroquell come in small glass 1/8 oz. bottles (similar in size to a tube of lipstick), with a roll-on applicator. Neuroquell Plus comes in a 1/4 oz. bottle (double the size of the other products). After removing the cap, simply roll the product directly onto the area of discomfort. For best results, the area being treated should be clean and free of all skin care products, perfumes, bath oils or other topical medications. Once applied, it will take a minute or two to take effect. For best results with menstrual cramps or low back pain, apply while in a relaxed position, such as lying on your back with your knees bent. You may also gently massage the area of discomfort after application. It also helps to keep the area warm*.
Q - How do our pain products work? A -Our products inhibit nerve impulse signals as they travel from one nerve axon to the other, (the distance between the axons is called a synapse). Our active ingredient causes the nerve endings of these nerve cells to separate further from each other. This increase in synapse results in less or reduced nerve signals. When this happens, the muscle relaxes, which results in an increase in the blood flow to this muscle. Lack of oxygen in the muscle is what really causes the pain. Once the blood flows freely in the muscle, there is more oxygen and the pain will subside.
Q - Why does keeping the area warm increase the effectiveness of our pain products? A -Keeping the area of discomfort warm increases blood flow, which helps to relax the muscle and increase the blood flow and oxygen throughout the muscle. With more oxygen, there is less pain. Most users reported enhanced results with the use of heat (no higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit).*
Q - How long does it take for our pain products to take effect? A - Most users begin to experience detectible relief within three to four seconds and within fifteen minutes after application, experience significant relief. Users have reported that a second application applied within two to three hours of the first often provides greater relief. The products can safely be applied up to four times a day.
Q - What do our pain products feel like when applied? A - Our formula is typically described as having a warm or a cool tingling sensation on the area of application, and leaves no residue.
Q - Can I apply your pain products anywhere on my body? A - Contact with the eyes, mouth and genitalia should be avoided, but should it occur: Eyes or mouth: flush the eyes or mouth with clean water for at least fifteen minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. Genitalia: wash with soap and water and dry as usual. 100% aloe vera gel will help reduce stinging if accidentally applied to sensitive areas. Use caution when using around facial area, as fumes may cause eyes to sting.
Q - What scent do your pain products have? A - Although no artificial fragrance is added to our products, the natural oils give them an earthy peppermint scent that most users find pleasant. Washing off the product after treatment (ten to fifteen minutes after application) will not diminish their effectiveness.
Q - What are your pain products made of? A - Our products are made of a blend of natural essential oils and mineral oil. It contains no animal products and no alcohol. Our products all have the same ingredients, however the quantity of the active ingredient varies in the strength. from strongest to weakest - Neuroquell Plus, Neuroquell Plus cream, Neuroquell, ProSirona and Menastil . The ingredients are as follows: Active ingredients: Calendula absolute (Calendula officinalis flower extract) Inactive ingredients: Cornmint oil (Mentha arvensis, leave extract), Rosemary oil (Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil),White camphor (Cinnamomum camphora wood oil), Pennyroyal oil (Mentha pelegium herb oil),Sweet almond oil organic (prunus amygdalus dulcis oil), Mineral oil (USP grade), Orange oil (Citrus sinensis peel oil expressed), Coriander seed oil (Coriandrum sativum fruit oil)
Q - Can your pain products cause side effects, interact with other medications, or irritate my skin? A - There are no known or reported side effects or contraindications with other medications. Special care has been taken to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. Concerns about side effects and interactions with other drugs and treatments should be discussed with your physician. If you should develop skin irritation, stop using the product and consult your physician.
Q - What if I am nursing, pregnant, taking oral contraceptives or using other medications? A - In each of these cases, we suggest contacting your physician. While no interactions or side effects have been reported, your physician can best advise you about these concerns.
Q - Whom should my physician contact with questions about your pain products? A - If your physician feels it would be helpful, he/she may contact the manufacturer at (508) 366-9378.
Q - Do your pain products cure diseases? A - No, they are not a cure, but many find that they offer temporary relief of their symptoms. Your symptoms will most likely return and require other applications.
Q - Have any of your pain products been tested on animals? A - Our products were developed without being tested on animals.
Q - Do your pain products have an expiration date? A - After accelerated degradation testing, we found that they retain their effectiveness and integrity for a minimum of four years. *While heat can enhance the effectiveness of our pain products, it's important not to use with other topical medications or patches designed to generate heat. We suggest keeping the area warm with a towel similar in temperature to warm bath water or applying the pain product just after a bath or shower.

Frequently Asked Questions About Endometriosis Pain:

Q - How long does the relief last? A - ProSirona relief will last up to 8-10 hours. The pain is greatly diminished within 10-15 minutes depending on where endometriosis-related cysts are located. It can also be applied at the base of the skull to help supplement relief.
Q - Can ProSirona help with Endometriosis-related depression? A - Endometriosis causes women intense pain. This pain causes frustration and can lead to depression. With use of ProSirona, the pain goes away. When the pain is gone, the depression goes with it.
Q - Should I pursue other treatments coupled with use of ProSirona? A - Apply a warm, moist towel to the affected area before ProSirona use. This will relax the region of the body in question, making for more effective pain relief.
Q - Should I increase ProSirona use during my period? A - Yes, use ProSirona as needed during your period to help abate the increased intensity of symptoms.
Q - Does ProSirona also act as an endometriosis-related anti-inflammatory? A - Yes, though reduction of this inflammation does take time, depending on its location.
Q - What are the 4 Stages of Endometriosis? A - Stage I (Minimal) 1-5 points Stage II (Mild) 6-15 points Stage III (Moderate) 16-40 points Stage IV (Severe) 40 points +.
Q - Does the effectiveness vary depending on the stage of the disorder? A - Yes, apply ProSirona based on your diagnosed stage of endometriosis and the amount of pain that comes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fibromyalgia Pain:

Q - How long does the relief last? A - ProSirona users have reported all-day (8-10 hours) pain relief with as little as one application of the product. The pain begins to dissipate 3-4 minutes after application.
Q - Does the relief vary depending on gender, as fibromyalgia affects more women? A - There has been no reported variation in ProSirona pain relief between men and women.
Q - Fibromyalgia causes painful symptoms all over the body. Should ProSirona be applied to any specific area or where the pain originates? A - Apply the product to where the pain exists. Coupled with this direct application, ProSirona can be applied to the axis bone at the base of the skull. This area houses the central nerve canal, the entryway of pain signals to the brain.
Q - Does it treat fibromyalgia symptoms such as limb weakness, depression, sleep disturbances and muscle spasms? A - ProSirona users have reported fibromyalgia-related muscle spasms ending 5-10 seconds after application. The easing of sleeplessness and depression has also occurred

Frequently Asked Questions About Menastil:

Q - This product sounds too good to be true. Does it really work? A - Yes. We’re so confident Menastil will eliminate your menstrual cramp symptoms, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but your menstrual cramp
Q - How much does it cost? A - When you’re in significant pain, you might say to yourself, “I’d pay ANYTHING to make this go away.” How does less than $3 a month sound? That’s the cost of a year’s supply of Menastil.
Q - Does Menastil work on all body types? A - Yes. Trials conducted around the world have shown that Menastil is equally effective for women of all weights and sizes with little to no side effects.
Q - Is Menastil odorless? A - Menastil has a minty scent but can be wiped off immediately after it starts to take effect.
Q - Will it stain my clothes? A - No. Whether period cramps creep up during the work day or just before you go to bed, Menastil can be applied. Once the product absorbs into the skin, it is on its way to stop the pain.