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Menastil for Menstrual Cramp Pain
Period Cramp Pain Relief Menastil
Relieve Menstrual Cramps Relief from menstrual cramp pain with as little as one application
Quick Pain Relief for cramps Pain usually begins to subside 4-5 seconds after applying
Menstrual Pain Gone Menstrual cramp pain is normally gone within 10-15 minutes
Pain Relief for 1 Menstrual Cycle No need for re-application until next menstrual cycle
Natural Cramp Relief Menastil
Menastil Testimonials
  • Rachel from San Jose, CA
    “I’ve tried just about every medicinal & alternative remedy on the market to battle my menstrual cramps. I am glad to say after trying Menastil, my search for a pain reliever has ended.”
  • Jenn R. from Victoria, Australia
    "I recently used Menastil for the occasional pelvic pain I get from a small bowel prolapse. Ten minutes later the pain had reduced to about one-third of what it was."
  • Donna H. from Melbourne, Australia
    "I have found Menastil to be fast pain relief for menstrual cramps. One bottle lasts me several months so it’s very cost effective. I can go about my day as normal when I use Menastil."
  • Dr. Tammie Barrett (Chiropractor) from Australia
    "We have used Menastil on several patients for the relief of period pain and sub occipital cervicogenic headaches. The product is far superior to others I have tried."
  • Dr. Anna Brown - B.App.Sc(Clin)/B.Chiro.Sc/Grad.Cert.Chiro.Paeds
    "I decided to try Menastil at different times for my period and a tension headache. My little bottle of Menastil now lives in my handbag, so that pain relief is always close by."
  • Krissy C.
    "I have tried many products over the years and Menastil is the only one that I've found that is natural and works so fast. I have all my friends and family using it and raving about the product."
  • Sharnell L.
    "I started using Menastil for my menstrual cramps a couple of years ago and it was immediately effective."
  • Venisha D.
    "I was a bit hesitant to try Menastil, but knowing the benefits, I would recommend this product to family and friends. Menastil is always reliable and a sure winner in pain relief and as a relaxant."
  • Gordana P.
    "I bought Menastil due to menstrual cramps, for which I cannot take normal pain relievers. I would recommend it to women looking for a natural solution to menstrual cramps."
Frequently Asked Questions About Menastil

This product sounds too good to be true. Does it really work?
Yes. We’re so confident Menastil will eliminate your menstrual cramp symptoms, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose but your menstrual cramp pain.

How much does it cost?
When you’re in significant pain, you might say to yourself, “I’d pay ANYTHING to make this go away.” How does less than $3 a month sound? That’s the cost of a year’s supply of Menastil.

Does Menastil work on all body types?
Yes. Trials conducted around the world have shown that Menastil is equally effective for women of all weights and sizes with little to no side effects.

Is Menastil odorless?
Menastil has a minty scent but can be wiped off immediately after it starts to take effect.

Will it stain my clothes?
No. Whether period cramps creep up during the work day or just before you go to bed, Menastil can be applied. Once the product absorbs into the skin, it is on its way to stop the pain.
Menastil 1/8oz Bottle
Price:  $31.95
Menastil International Ordering
Take Back Your 5 days
Take Back Your 5 Days
Some women experience as many as 5 days of menstrual cramps every month. 5 days lost to abdominal pain, nausea and headaches. With Menastil, you can eliminate your menstrual cramp symptoms at their onset.

Menastil can also help you be proactive about pain. By knowing your menstrual cycle, an early application can stop symptoms before they start. Make menstrual cramps a thing of the past. Take back your 5 days with Menastil.
Menastil Application Tips Menastil® Application Tips
(44kb PDF format)
Menastil Instruction Sheet Menastil® Instruction Sheet
(157kb PDF format)
Menastil Easy to Use
Menastil All Natural
Menastil Clinically Proven
Menastil Satisfaction Guaranteed
Menastil Trial Size
We’re so sure that Menastil will work for you, that we’ll send you a free trial size bottle that’s good for one menstrual cycle. All we ask is that you pay $9.00 for shipping and handling.
Claire Ellen Products All natural pain relief for menstrual cramps, endometriosis and other muscle and joint discomfort
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